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There are many great philosophy books available to choose from if you’d like to learn more about the subject. On this page, I’ve listed some that have been helpful to me for learning the basics and structure of the field of study. I have also provided a list of recommended books for each philosopher. Some of the famous philosophy books, written by the philosophers themselves, are now even available in ebook format. As you read through the topics on my site, I encourage you to make notes and select books to further pursue your interests. I hope this is helpful, and enjoy!

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Philosophy Books (General Topic)

Philosophy Books (by Philosopher)

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Peter Abelard Albertus Magnus (AKA St. Albert the Great) Anaxagoras Anaximander St. Anselm of Canterbury St. Thomas Aquinas Aristotle St. Augustine of Hippo Averroës Avicenna Alfred Jules Ayer
Sir Francis Bacon Back to Top
Roger Bacon Jeremy Bentham Bishop George Berkeley Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius Edmund Burke
Marcus Tullius Cicero Back to Top
Auguste Comte
Democritus Back to Top
Jacques Derrida René Descartes John Dewey Diogenes of Sinope
Ralph Waldo Emerson Back to Top
Empedocles Epictetus Desiderius Erasmus
Johann Gottlieb Fichte Back to Top
Michel Foucault Gottlob Frege
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Back to Top
Martin Heidegger Heraclitus Thomas Hobbes David Hume Edmund Husserl
William James Back to Top
Immanuel Kant Back to Top
Sřren Kierkegaard
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Back to Top
John Locke
Niccolň Machiavelli Back to Top
Moses Maimonides Nicolas Malebranche Marcus Aurelius Karl Marx John Stuart Mill George Edward Moore Sir Thomas More
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche Back to Top
William of Ockham Back to Top
Parmenides of Elea Back to Top
Blaise Pascal Charles Sanders Peirce Philo of Alexandria Plato Plotinus Protagoras Pyrrho Pythagoras
Willard Van Orman Quine Back to Top
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Back to Top
Bertrand Arthur William Russell Gilbert Ryle
Jean-Paul Sartre Back to Top
Friedrich Schelling Arthur Schopenhauer John Duns Scotus Adam Smith Socrates Baruch Spinoza
Thales of Miletus Back to Top
Henry David Thoreau
Voltaire Back to Top
Alfred North Whitehead Back to Top
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Zeno of Citium Back to Top
Zeno of Elea

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